samuel proffitt

“When the work on the short film for ‘Sounds (Звуки)’ began, the original plan was to shoot it in Russia but due to COVID, we soon realized it was no longer feasible,” said Proffitt. “Luckily, thanks to Inuka Bacote (the video commissioner at my label), within a few days I was introduced to Sofja Umarik. In the process of working out concepts, I sent Sofja a collection of Russian avant-garde art that through the course of my PhD left an indelible impact on me. Something we both immediately connected over was the well-known photograph from the 0.10 Exhibition where Malevich first presented Suprematism. This photograph served as the starting point (see the beginning of the short film), which, through a subsequent evolution, grew into a physical manifestation of art as both an event and a concept. As Sofja began to work with two experimental animators, Luke Ramsay and Sofia Negri, the film acquired a certain tactility and sense of immersion that I always strive for with every piece of music I create. It is this perpetual becoming and dissolution, this unrelenting transformation of the shapes and figures that underlines the feeling of collapse and dissolution I felt when I first wrote ‘Sounds (Звуки).'”

Directed and Animated by Sofja Ümarik

Experimental Animation by Luke Ramsay and Sofia Negri

Produced by The Wild Honey Pie